Harness the powers of deeply resonant instruments to bring peace and wellness to yourself and your loved ones! Whether you wish to deepen your meditation practice, reap the benefits of vibrational massage or quiet the minds of your students, clients, family and friends, it would be my honor to share this practice with you!  Subject material for lessons may include one or more of the following, depending on your interest:

- How to play and sequence instruments, from basic to advanced techniques, including but not limited to:
     • Singing bowls (crystal and metal - hammered and machine-lathed)
     • Gongs (symphonic and planetary tuned)
     • Chimes (koshi chime and crystal singing pyramid)
     • Drums (buffalo and ocean)
     • Tuning forks, bells, tingshas and more!
- Learn to chant traditional yogic mantras in Sanskrit, Punjabi, Tibetan and more
- Learn to offer sound vibration for yoga, energy work, massage, ceremonies and more
- Learn more about the tradition, science, and application of sound meditation
- How to care for instruments and sources for purchasing instruments
- Resources for further study

Hourly Rates:
My Private Studio:  Individuals $35 • Couples $45 • Groups (up to 8) $60
Your Space: Rates vary depending on your interest, goals, and location. Please contact me.

Discounts given for first lesson, group lessons, lesson packages, students, teachers, seniors, and more.  Contact me for a free quote and consultation. Work-trade for goods and services may be an option.