This style is designed to be both challenging and accessible to all levels of experience and physical ability, as detailed alignment-based instruction is offered to benefit beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.  Classes are intelligently sequenced to strengthen and open targeted areas of the body, building toward more dynamic postures such as arm balances and inversions, while providing options and modifications to support and enhance each student’s individual journey. 

As each pose is introduced, postures are held for a few breaths to lay the foundations of proper alignment and muscle engagement, and then students are led through the series flowing from one posture to the next with each breath.  Each class is different from session to session, exploring the body, breath, and mind in new and creative ways.

This class invites students to mindfully cultivate strength and flexibility, fostering a connection between the body and the breath.  Through this connection, the mind becomes intimately linked with the body and a greater level of awareness is achieved, opening the gateway to transformation on all levels.