My deepest passion is to reduce suffering in the world, and I have discovered that this can only be accomplished from a place of personal inner peace.  Through my own journey toward balance, I have learned so much about the innate healing capacities of the body and mind guided by well-informed intentions and actions, and I am honored to share this knowledge with you!

I believe that awareness is the first step toward bettering ourselves, our community, and our world.  That is why I have made it my life’s goal to learn and share as much as I can about methods for balancing our lives and cultivating peace in our environment.  My own journey toward wellness has inspired me to conduct research, experimentation, personal practice and training in the following subjects:

  • Mind Body and Spirit Modalities   Yoga (RYT 500), Meditation, Sound Baths, Breath work

  • Wellness Systems   Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Peer-Reviewed Scientific Research, Energy Work including Reiki & Crystal Gemstone Energy 

  • Food and Nutrition   Organic Agriculture and Labeling, Vegan Lifestyle, Environmental Protection

We are living in a time and place where taking care of ourselves, each other and the planet is becoming increasingly complex and demanding of energy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult or unpleasant.  In fact, giving up on this endeavor can only result in more difficulty and unpleasantness.  If we cultivate solid intentions & awareness in our actions, I believe that we can make the world a better place together, starting with ourselves.

I look forward to helping you start or continue your journey toward peace, balance, and wellness on all levels!

Peace to all - Life to all - Love to all