Meditation can be defined as different things to different people, but essentially it involves practices which condition the mind toward desired states of consciousness.  This practice can be used to improve concentration and awareness, calm the mind, discover and align with deep truths about the self or the universe, and connect to divine or cosmic energy.  Meditation is not an inherently religious practice, but it can be used to enhance and deepen your spiritual practice if you choose.  It is accessible and adaptable to any individual regardless of experience, ability, or philosophy.  There are many forms of meditation designed to suit the unique constitution of each person's mind, as everyone responds differently to different practices.  There are moving meditations such as yoga, walking and running, concentration mediations such as breathing practices, prayer, mantra (repeated words or phrases), and sound meditation, as well as mindfulness techniques which aim to maintain meditative states throughout the day.  Studies indicate that mediation reduces stress and improves brain functioning.  Contact me today to learn how mediation can benefit your life.