"I'm still feeling the lingering effects of your sound meditation today. Thank you for helping me to let go of some of my personal struggles and internalize the healing vibrations and positive energy. Thank you so much." —Beth B

"I feel so blessed to have been exposed to such a magical form of healing and to have met such an amazing meditation and sound bath leader." — Melissa M

"Our clients LOVE your work and we are so happy to have you on our team!" — Shoreline Recovery Center Staff

"Christian Reid powerfully yet effortlessly utilizes the vibratory fields from his various instruments, mainly his gongs, to create a comfortable space for transformation, meditation, harmony and peace. To experience the sacred space of sound that he creates is a life altering experience. Christian is most certainly a vessel for the universal sound, and I would highly recommend anyone to experience his sharing of this gift." —C.C.

"Christian's sound healing session at the yoga retreat was incredibly soothing and spiritual. The calming and mellow sounds of the gong allowed me to totally relax and feel the blood move through my body. The effects stayed with me for the rest of the evening. What a wonderful experience." —Ursula R.

"I have been blessed to have been led on many healing journeys with Christian through his sound baths.  I have gained much knowledge from him by being in his presence while he guided us into the deeper levels of consciousness.  Christian is such a caring and loving human who creates a sacred and safe space to allow one to go deep into the valleys and hills of the self which brings incredible healing.  I always leave his sessions with a lightness of heart and a joy in my step.  I look forward to many more experiences with Christian throughout my life.  He never ceases to amaze me and each experience is always different than the one before.  I am looking forward to the next exploration into the depths of self as he guides the way."  —Aundy W

"I absolutely LOVED your Sound Bath at WildSide Yoga.  It was transformational--on so many levels!!  I loved how my mind was a blank canvas to all the sounds you introduced" —Diana J

"I enjoyed your sound meditation thoroughly Christian!!!!! I am excited to do it again. You are an extremely talented individual that has alot of passion for this and it REALLY SHOWS!!!!! I felt great afterwards and look forward to the next session." —Carol D

"Christian held a private sound bath class for a few skeptical friends and I in my home.  His use of various instruments, soft chanting and guided breath work was the perfect mix. By the time the class was finished, we were all in a blissful state and very relaxed. For the first time, we found out what it feels like to have a rested mind. I have the utmost respect for Christian's ability to use the breath and sound to assist one with entering a healing and balanced state of mind and body. Don't knock it until you try it."  —SK, Cancer survivor and warrior 

"I was not expecting much out of the sound bath session of a retreat that Christian was hosting- boy was I wrong!  There is this movement inside of you that starts to keep pace with the sounds and as the session progresses you feel yourself letting go of crazy issues and anger (or whatever emotions you hold).  It's like the sounds force you to let go of much carried baggage.  I can't express enough how cathartic this session was for me and I am most anxious to attend more sessions with Christian!" —Amanda-Diana