My Yoga Journey

Yoga found Christian in 2009 when his mom, a yoga instructor, invited him to attend her class.  He was challenged to explore parts of his body that had never been opened, and was surprised to find release from old emotional and psychological baggage that he was not even aware of carrying . . .


Studio Schedule


MDitate - Newport Beach, CA:

 >  Reiki Meditation  8:30am - 9:00am
 >  Sound Healing 9:15am - 10:00am

Spectra Yoga - Costa Mesa, CA:

 >  Yin with Sound Healing 12pm - 1pm

 >  Sound Meditation 7pm - 8:15pm
     * * * 3rd Sunday of each month * * *

Yoga Tribe - Huntington Beach, CA:

 >  Sound Meditation 7pm - 8:15pm
     * * * 1st Sunday of each month * * *


Spectra Yoga - Costa Mesa, CA:

 >  Yin with Sound Healing 10am - 11am


Styles Offered
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Vinyasa Flow   An active practice in which students build strength, flexibility and focus moving from one posture to the next with each breath.

Yin & Restorative   A passive practice in which students open the connective tissues in joints and fascia through long held (3-5 min) deep stretches, often using the support of blankets, bolsters and other props to assist opening and relaxation.

Pranayama   Controlled rhythmic breathing practices used to alter and control the state of consciousness and move energy within the body.

Meditation   Guided mental exercises using visualization, concentration, awareness, and repetition of mantras, prayers, or intentions, used to focus, calm, and center the mind.

Mantra & Kirtan   Repeating special words and phrases to improve brain function, deepen meditative states, and connect to pure consciousness / bliss.

Sound Bath   Use of vibrational instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, drums, chimes, and tuning forks played and sometimes applied directly to the body for sound massage to induce relaxation and meditative states through brainwave entrainment and parasympathetic nervous system activation.

Reiki   A practice from Japan in which participants receive energy channeled through the healer's hands to promote balance and healing. This may include gentle touch or transmission of energy from a distance.



Individuals: $60 per 60 min / Couples: $75 per 60 min / Groups of 3+ Contact Me
Discounts given for class packages, students, seniors, and more.  Contact me for a free quote and consultation. Work-trade for goods and services may be an option.
(Sound Bath pricing is separate)
Pricing is variable and can be found on respective websites linked under schedule.



Teaching Style

Posture, Breath, and Meditation:

Christian's informative teaching style focuses on proper alignment and muscle engagement to safely obtain the benefits of the postures, while emphasizing a focus on breath awareness, mindfulness techniques, and activation of the subtle body.  He offers the practice in a way that is accessible and safe, yet challenging and transformative inviting students to experience yoga and themselves in new and different ways. He integrates all eight branches of yoga into his teaching, honoring the ancient traditions that developed this technology and relating it in a way that is applicable to people now.  

Sound Meditation:

Christian leads students through breath work exploration, gentle movement, and guided imagery to prepare students to open and receive the benefits of the sound meditation.  He then guides participants deep into meditation using symphonic and planetary-tuned gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, drums, and chimes, while chanting mantras in harmony with the instruments.  During this profoundly transformative practice, Christian holds space for inner journeying in a way that supports gentle transitions into and out of deeper levels of consciousness.